Google AdWords (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Our Pay Per Click advertising strategy can help you reach top of the search ladder and increase your sales and business exposure.


Google’s top five search results earn around 75% of the clicks. Anything beyond the first page falls down to 6% or less. If you want your traffic to go sky high, you need your site to rank highly, too. The benefit of pay-per-click advertising is just that – you only pay when potential customers click on your ad. Our award-winning team can provide you with Pay Per Click strategies to ensure your business gets the exposure and success it deserves. Here’s how we can increase your profitability with Pay Per Click:


Search: Your business will appear on Google when someone is searching for related products and services. Your business will outrank competitors with relevant ads, which means you pay less per click and generate more conversions.

Mobile: Catch potential customers on the go with enticing, direct text ads. Mobile users are more likely to convert to a sale since they’ve already got their phone handy!

Display and Video: Reach larger audiences with banners and video ads in strategic placement all over the web.

Remarketing: Didn’t get ’em the first time? Re-engage with these high-value prospects after they visit your site or sent you a form. We can produce personalized ads to ensure your message really hits home the second time around.


In a technologically-driven world, it’s crucial that your business ranks highly in search to boost exposure and profitability.

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