Display Advertising

The Internet is a pretty big place and there’s a lot of room to advertise. Our programmatic display campaigns are built around a solid strategy and a targeted execution. Programmatic simply means automated helping you build efficiencies in your ad spend & giving you the power to decide when and who you want to target.

The targeting options are broadly divided into 6 categories:

  1. Broad Targeting: Programmatic helps your brand reach out to more than thirty ad exchanges, building reach across premium websites like yahoo.co.nz, stuff.co.nz, NZ Herald and other relevant websites. So if you’re looking at increasing your brand’s visibility with efficiencies in spends, broad targeting helps you do that. All while keeping a hawk eye on the ROI and every precious dollar you spend.
  2. Contextual Advertising: Digital advertising gets more focused, relevant and allows context to play an important role so your brand reaches the right audience. Programmatic helps your brand target page categories according to market verticals relevant to your business, eg: a category might be “Auto”, but you could use contextual keywords to target pages that refer to a particular automaker.
  3. Channel Targeting: A channel is a set of related websites, which can target specific groups. For instance, while setting targeting, we can search for a specific channel such as “Auto & Vehicles” or “Shopping/Classifieds”, giving you the choice to include or exclude any and all of the websites belonging to that group.
  4. Keyword Targeting: Our bid manager uses Google search technology to ensure specific keywords appear on relevant pages. This allows you to granularly target content that is most relevant to your brand and products. All you need to do is give us your list of keywords, or we can generate it for you and ensure your brand reaches the right audience.
  5. Remarketing: In the fast-moving world of digital advertising, it becomes difficult to grab the attention of your customers. Remarketing or retargeting helps your brand cross this hurdle, building top-of-mind recall and frequency for your brand. Programmatic helps your brand remarket with:
    a. Funnel-based Tactics
    b. Cross-channel Tactics
    c. Variable-based Tactics
    d. Recency-based Tactics
  6. Environment Targeting: In the digital age, your audience is toggling between multiple devices and screens. Environment targeting helps you capture your audience across these devices and even narrowly target your campaign to certain devices based on your brand’s needs and objectives.